The HARD truth is… the truth is HARD!

It’s funny to me when Satan is so freaked out about what God is doing and what He’s gonna do, that he (Satan) will try literally ANYTHING to discourage, derail, detour and destroy what us – more specifically ME…the weak link in the chain is doing. 

If you have been called to do something and you are trying to do what you’ve been told…and it’s getting difficult, or harder or feels down right impossible…DO NOT QUIT! I think you’re probably on to something. 🙂 

Crazy stuff happens when we do what Jesus says. You freak out but you have this unbelievable PEACE. You have a covering. But there’s hard stuff, too. People that you’ve known and trusted may not understand. They might tell you that you couldn’t possibly have heard “THAT” from the Lord. They might tell you to “TONE DOWN” the message. They might even try to tell you that you’re wrong or…in SIN…because of what you’re doing. Keep going! *If you ARE in sin…STOP IT! But if you are doing what Jesus told you to do…not adding to or taking away from…then KEEP GOING!!!

Jesus doesn’t NEED any of us. He WANTS us. Read that again.

All you need to do is do the thing Jesus asks you to do, and trust HIM for the results. It’s HIS party. He’s the boss. We’re the servants. AND we get the blessing of HIM using us and seeing what HE does. 

Is it getting hard or difficult for you? Yep. Hard is a relative term. REAL DIFFICULTY…THE HARDEST is dying for EVERY HUMAN’S SIN when you didn’t do ANYTHING WRONG YOURSELF and when you know that they might not choose to LOVE you or believe in you. 

Jesus always tells me when I’m whining about how hard it is to do what He wants me to do…”Sonya, your job is to do what I say to do. Don’t look to your right or your left. Look at ME and keep going!” 

Your job is to do what Jesus says to do. Don’t look to your right or your left. Look at Jesus and keep going!

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