Fifty Shades
of Grace

The Song of My Life...

Sonya chooses to focus on the joy of her life in Jesus Christ in her concerts. Audiences across the country are finding her enthusiasm to be contagious, and love her humorous, straight-ahead approach to an evening of music.  Whether it’s leading worship, singing for an event, writing a song, teaching kids to use their gifts for Jesus, or just simply sitting down at the keyboard to praise Him for His goodness, Sonya brings a raw, heart-felt emotion to every song she sings.

“It’s been an interesting journey,” Sonya reflects of the past 32 years. “Ministry is great. Making a record was a dream come true. Leading a congregation in worship is beautiful.  Seeing God move and make everything come together is awesome. There is a downside, though. Musicians…especially CHRISTIANS, have this ugly self-importance disease and can be very competitive. Everything is about being the best. The way the music business is set up, or even music ministries in the church today, you are only as good as the number of records you’ve sold or the number of people that tell the pastor ‘we really liked the worship this week.’  Nobody asks you if you’ve spent time with Jesus today.” 

"I had been pumped up like this diva: big voice, big image. It was all about me, me, me!  But this is the problem with images. An image is a likeness of a person and a likeness is a resemblance, an appearance or a copy. An image isn't real. I on the other hand, am about as real as you can get. I am who I am-good and bad.  Sadly many people are more comfortable with an image."

One of Sonya’s greatest joys comes from ministering to people.


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