Fifty Shades
of Grace

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Crud. Everybody has it! It’s how we DEAL with it that makes all the difference.

So what is Crud? Crud is the leftover emotions from when we’ve been hurt by someone else. If we refuse to deal with that hurt, it causes us to respond to difficult things in our lives, in harmful ways…to ourselves and to others. Most of the time I talk to people and they are struggling, it’s because they haven’t dealt with their crud. They’re STUCK. 

But YOU don’t have to STAY stuck. Wherever you find yourself, you are NOT alone. I’ll be talking about all kinds of different crud topics, and some weeks I’ll have special guests with me, sharing their insights on how they deal with THEIR crud. 

We’ll laugh a lot. Maybe cry, too. We WILL encourage one another, as we get real about our CRUD. 

Deal with your CRUD.
Or your CRUD will deal with you.

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