Crud. Everybody has it! It’s how we DEAL with it that makes all the difference.

I’ll be answering your questions and some weeks I’ll have special guests with me sharing their insights on how they deal with THEIR crud. We’ll laugh, maybe cry and encourage one another as we get real about our CRUD. Spread the word and join me Sunday nights at 9PM CST on FACEBOOK LIVE.


Deal with your CRUD.
Or your CRUD will deal with you.

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Ep 71 Muck Your Barn

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Ep 68 Crud Truth

Ep 67 Hurts of the Heart

Ep 66 One Hurting Pastor. One Hurting Wife.

Ep 65 Discontentment

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Ep 63 Why I Do It

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Ep 61 Sonya Thoughts

Ep 60 Man Talk

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