The Message

“Sonya shares her heart every time she speaks. Her message is one of hope, grace, forgiveness and victory. Sonya pushes us all to not shrink back but to do the hard work by dealing with our hurt and pain and then living our lives in such a way that all will be drawn to the Jesus we love.  Painfully honest at her own expense, vulnerable, encouraging, powerful and no-holds barred, Sonya bares her soul so that others can know Jesus.”

“I especially appreciate Sonya’s humor and warmth; she has a way of makingpeople feel at ease right away. Sonya loves to laugh, and isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself. With humor, authenticity, and passion, she helps women “get real and deal” with their issues. Sonya will minister to those who have suffered any loss that left them with deep emotional pain. You will be lifted up and find hope in the Lord Jesus Christ as Sonya shares her personal journey from torture and betrayal to rescue and redemption!”

“When Sonya speaks, she shows us and teaches us that NO ONE has their act together. It’s okay to admit it. Sometimes the church puts an emphasis on how its all got to be okay or perfect. We will make mistakes. God still loves us and is with us even in our yucky times. Sonya says, “It’s okay to be real. An authentic relationship with a Holy God DEMANDS that we admit it. Anything other than total dependence on Jesus is a lie!” I’ve learned that from Sonya.

The Music

“Sonya leads us into God’s presence and shows us how to truly let go and have full abandonment in our worship! Then as our hearts soften and focus on Him, we can listen to what Christ is telling us to do and we can rest in Him.”

“Sonya invites the Spirit of an authentic intimate time with Jesus and you’re not worrying about anything else going on around you –it’s just you and God. I like the freedom of it. Two words for a worship experience with Sonya Brunner would beTotal Freedom!!”

“As soon as Sonya stepped up on the platform and took the mic in her hand and started to speak, you had to know there was something more to her than just being a performer! And then when she sat down at the piano, it was crystal clear, it was just her and the Lord. She was not performing for an audience, she was worshiping her Lord, and it was obvious. Everything about her was SO not about her! It is something I have never experienced before. It was just absolutly amazingly awesome!”