Fifty Shades
of Grace

What is Fifty Shades of Grace?

Sonya’s story IS fifty shades of grace.

Sonya Brunner is no stranger to pain – the deepest, darkest, ugliest shades of darkness of this life.

“By the time I was 11, I had been stripped of everything that was human in my life. I’d been sexually abused from the time I was 5 and sold to men for sex for years. Little did I know my life was about to change forever!”

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The Key To Freedom

– A Conference of Hope and Healing

What if…things could be different? What if…We KNEW and believed we were LOVED? What if…what we see is NOT all there is…there’s MORE to the story?
What if…the hurt that has held us hostage, could now be laid down and we could be FREE? What if…we could choose a different path? What if…we were given the KEY to the prison? 
What if…our fears, our pain, our brokenness could be part of the story…but NOT the ending?
What if…God really IS who He says He is? And I am really who He says I am? What if…I BELIEVED it?

Have you been wanting to do a conference but don’t know what to do?

What if I told you that I had a conference READY NOW for YOUR event?? A conference that is powerful, encouraging and READY for you and your group RIGHT NOW! 

The Key To Freedom Conference – with Sonya Brunner

As I’ve worked with women, the level of exhaustion and discouragement in women right now…is life altering. Why? Each heart needs to know they are loved.
You’ve got a whole group of women who are exhausted emotionally, spiritually, and physically. What we do…what we turn to…to fill that void? Is critical.
You can’t deal with crud…until you KNOW and BELIEVE you are loved. Not for performance. Not for beauty. JUST AS YOU ARE. You are LOVED. Period.


If a powerful conference experience, that is conveniently ready to impact your group NOW…sounds good to you, message me for more information.

We all have LOTS of keys. But having the RIGHT key matters.


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Do you have an event?

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Whether it’s a conference, music, leading a Crud Boot Camp, or sharing my story, I would love to help and excited to be where “real life change” is happening!

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Here's what they're saying about Sonya.

“Her message is powerful and challenges us to go deeper with Christ. Her music is raw and unapologetically authentic. Her humor is infectious. Her joy is contagious! But the depth and scope of her love for people and for Jesus is undeniable!”

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