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I’m not a Christian anymore but I deal with crud, only I call it noise (noise in my head & heart). I am vulnerable & confused right now. I’m divorced after 20yrs. Had an affair, have tried men out, and even have a good one but am still confused. Regardless, I am gleaning solace from your content. Thank you.

I’m so sorry to hear about your pain and I’m glad that you decided to share this with me. I’m curious and wanted to ask you what did you mean that you are not a Christian “anymore”? Can you tell me about that?

Where do I even start… I’m questioning my faith. I’m upset with myself for not disclosing my identity. You’ll have to respond to this in a video or on social media. Ok.

I am absolutely terrified of God.. I am so scared of him. This fear is.. new. It’s based on one thing. Eternal conscious torment. Never ending agony. I’m beginning to believe in the theological stand point that he’s going to erase non believers from existence.

But this belief has caused our relationship to become even more non existent. I miss Jesus. I miss his peace, but I don’t understand how he can be just, and send those who don’t choose him, to hell.

Please tell me what you think

I am so sorry that you are struggling with this. I’ve questioned many things with Jesus over my years walking with Him, but I always come back to the fact that God sent His SON. His SON!!! To take my place for the punishment that I owed because of my sin. Why would He do that? If He wanted faithful love and commitment, why give us free choice? A loving God gives people a choice to follow Him or not. All other leaders “FORCED” their way. God gave us a choice. Jesus took the punishment so that I wouldn’t have to. I can’t see anything but LOVE in that. You know what I mean? Are you worried that you must do EVERYTHING right in order to KEEP His love? Where does the fear come from, do you think?

William Lee Roy Crumpton

I realize your essentially for females but I am getting blessed from the message! I Enjoy and Need it with my 1 year relationship FatherGod sent me at his perfect timing! Now on my 😳5th go around,Since ladies of “ill repute “ taught me how to treat a lady for sexual gratification,your teaching me True love making ! God bless you!

I love your courage and determination, your strength and love of God through Jesus Christ.

I want to thank you for your encouragement. I’m so thankful that the Lord allowed me to deal with my crud so that I could help others. God is good and faithful.

Do you believe people can totally block abuse from their childhood, especially if it happened when they were very young? Just to have memories surface later in life???
And do you believe that secular counseling can heal as well as Christian counseling?

Yes. I do believe that the brain has a defense mechanism that can shut off or close down when emotionally it can’t handle what it perceives or knows to be a traumatic experience. I do believe that memories can resurface about almost anything, not just negative things. It’s powerful, for sure. I believe that true counseling is healthy and good. I prefer Christian counseling because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I do know secular counselors that do a wonderful job. I would always recommend a Christian counselor if that is your belief.