What to Expect

Sonya Brunner Photography


“Our family had a great time getting our pictures taken by Sonya. How many families can say that?! We (kids and all) came up with our top 5 favorite things about our picture taking experience.

5. Beautiful setting for pictures.

4. She shows the spirit of your family in the pictures.

3. The poses are casual and not traditional.

2. Sonya herself-her joy is infectious!

1. It was FUN!!!!! (This was repeated over and over by ALL of us.)”

The Vinyard Family

















“Sonya has WONDERFUL ideas! Her outdoor photos are amazing! She offers so so so many choices!” – Kelly Davis – Med CCC, Speech Language Pathologist and co owner of Effective Communication


“It’s nice and relaxed to take pictures with family and that’s just how we felt with Sonya. My kids loved her and the pictures were just amazing! I would recommend her to anyone who wants great memories captured!” – Kristin-Moore, OK


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“Sonya knows how to capture the moment. A photo shoot with Sonya does not feel like a photo shoot at all. She has a great eye for detail and lighting and what would work best for each person, couple or group. She is endlessly creative in ways to shoot a picture that gives it style but at the same time makes it seem so natural. For those who don’t like getting their picture taken, Sonya has you covered. Her warm and bubbly personality, make you forget all about the camera. Sonya has captured pictures of my wife Debbie and I and they were “magical” to say the least. They are to date my favorite photos of the two of us. If you want top quality photos then look no further than Sonya Brunner Photography.”–    James & Debbie Hawkins