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You notice someone you care about is sad or down. You’ve seen this before and you know just what to do to “fix” this problem. You run head first into the happiness void that is swirling out of control as you tear open your shirt to reveal the GIANT “H” in glittery silver on your chest! You are unstoppable. You are able to put aside your thoughts, feelings and well being at a single frown. It’s a bird. It’s a plane.

No. It’s “HAPPY MAN!


You can make yourself personally responsible to make people happy all you want. But…no matter what you do, some people won’t be happy. Yet, you kill yourself trying to “make” them happy. And worse yet, you let their happiness status depict what your status is. You jump in before you know if there is even water in the pool! Does it matter if there is water, so long as “they” are happy?


SPLASH. Sputter, garble, choke. There you go again. Drowning in the lie that “I CAN and MUST make this person happy in order for ME to be okay.”


Does this sound familiar?? “I don’t know what to do to make them happy.” “Why am I not enough to make them happy?” “If I do this then they will be happy and I can be okay.” (Deep sigh.) Satan is a liar and he wants us to think that it IS because of us and that it IS our job to make people happy. Ugh. But that isn’t it. The truth is people are going through some really hard stuff and it doesn’t have zip to do with us.


Whether it’s our kids, siblings, parents, or even our spouses…if you are drowning, it might be time for a TRUTH life preserver.



Once again, we have to go to God’s word and take hold of the life preserver of God’s truth. We are loved. We are enough. A relationship with Jesus is one on one and not dependent on anyone else. He wants us to bring our petitions to him. Pray, pray and then pray some more. In all the rejection and frustration that you are feeling, SHOUT this TRUTH out loud and free yourself.


 “I have no idea how to “fix” them. And…it’s not really my job OR my superpower.


Likewise, it is NOT someone else’s job to make YOU happy. (I just felt the wrath of angry sighs as you read this. This made you mad, didn’t it.) Your happiness, joy, and peace is between YOU and God. Theirs is between THEM and God.


Who do we think we are?


It is arrogant to think that WE have power like God’s. The most godly, spiritual thing we can do in our weakness is to acknowledge that GOD is GOD and we are not. HE can do anything. That is faith. Trusting God to love us and to be God and know what to do and that He WILL do it when HE says it’s time.


Christmas is quickly approaching and there are many layers of baggage, and stress as we gather with family – some close to us and some that are estranged. This can be a wonderful experience but it can also be one of great disappointment. Expectations of happiness will destroy the truth. Expectations of happiness will choke out the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t let it. Remember what your job is and what it is not. Stow that glittery “H”, please.


Today, let’s go to the truth – God’s word and plaster this over our hearts and minds as we love the people that God has chosen our paths to cross – happy or not – with His love and truth. Maybe, just maybe, we can throw them a TRUTH life preserver of their own.


Praying this is the best Christmas ever for you and the ones you love. May Jesus continue to be the one that holds your heart, your hopes, and your dreams. You can trust Him. He loves you.

Merry Christmas!

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  • Lisa Potter
    Posted at 04:55h, 23 December Reply

    I LOVE this post. I needed it at this very moment as I was trying to figure out how to fix someone I love. It was perfectly timed by God. Thank you for letting Him use you!

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