Do you have harabudi?


I heard from a missionary in the Czech Republic who wanted me to know that they have used my video testimony as a tool to share the gospel with women and children who have been sold into human trafficking situations. The suffering that they have gone through is incomprehensible. Many are visibly scarred and some have lost limbs. Some of them have been mutilated and tortured. Some of the kids NEVER speak.


They watch the video and translate the message. They’ve watched it so many times that some of the kids can stand up and pretend they’re “me” giving the message. (I LOVE THAT!) They said that the response has been really positive and they have had several decisions to follow Christ. (You better believe I’m doing some shouting up in here!!!)


So this is just a strange/weird/awesome little nugget of my life and affirmation yet AGAIN, that God had a plan ALL ALONG.

When I was little, my mom taught me a song in Czechoslovakian. She told me that we have that in our history. I can STILL sing that song. Is that weird or what? So I wrote back to the missionary and she told me that it was a children’s lullaby. PRETTY COOL to learn this all these years later.




“It’s not about me, but He certainly chose a place for me, a plan for me, and a path for me because He loves me.”



They have had some fun in their classes calling me the “HARABUDI Lady” which means “junk” or CRUD in the Czech language. It is pronounced “hurrah-boo-gee”. They talk about forgiveness and love. They read Ephesians to learn more about who they are in Christ. They take turns sharing openly about their HARABUDI, She said that one girl who has a similar story to mine, stood up and quoted me saying, “EVERYONE has HARABUDI and it’s how we deal with it, that makes all the difference.” YES YES YES YES YES!


The missionary told me, “Sonya, they never use your real name. They simply refer to you as “Jezis Divka” – Jesus Girl.”


I have no words. The love and the grace of Jesus is beyond description. All my sin, all my failures, all my horrible choices, all my CRUD…NOTHING can stop what GOD WILL DO.


O, that I would be MORE like JESUS. Trusting Him. Obeying Him.


So I cry happy tears today knowing that I am connected with people in the Czech Republic who have scars, hurts, fears and pain, but who are working hard to deal with their HARABUDI, just like me. Just like YOU!


Deal with your HARABUDI or your HARABUDI will deal with you.

  • Jodie
    Posted at 00:49h, 23 December Reply

    I loved this post. God is amazing. Is it weird that I really want to hear you sing that little Czech song?

    • hisgirl
      Posted at 23:25h, 23 December Reply

      I would love to sing it for you. It’s sweet. Maybe I’ll record it and post it. Thanks for reading and for supporting this ministry.

  • Deeanne
    Posted at 00:52h, 23 December Reply

    This story had me in tears. TEARS! I can’t believe how God uses you, Sonya. It’s just so amazing. This is one story that I will never forget.

    • hisgirl
      Posted at 23:18h, 23 December Reply

      You and me, both! Thank you for reading and for your encouragement.

  • KenT28
    Posted at 00:55h, 23 December Reply

    I have cried many tears over this post. I realized for the very first time that I have CRUD and that I’m not alone. Thank you, Sonya. Pray for me as I try to deal with my crud and not let it run my life.

  • Tricis44
    Posted at 02:42h, 23 December Reply

    I just got done watching your video. WOW! I am sorry for all that you’ve been through. How have you been able to do all the things that you do? When I was 13 I caught my dad having sex with his secretary. I hated him for hurting my mother. He ruined our family. They were divorced two months later. I am angry. How could God allow something like that to happen? I have felt alone, most of my life. My mom just gave up and I was left to fend for myself. I had food and clothing but I didn’t have love. Or support. Nobody cared about me. I read what you say about how much Jesus loves us but REALLY? He LOVES me and he let that happen? Have I got CRUD? Yes. I do. Where do I begin?

  • Jordan
    Posted at 02:44h, 23 December Reply

    What a SWEET SWEET story. We pray for you daily. Keep it up, Jezis Divka.

    • hisgirl
      Posted at 22:59h, 23 December Reply

      Thank you so much. I could really use that prayer. So again, thank you for reading and for praying.

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