Hands in the Air

Hands in the Air

Sometimes all you can do is raise your hands in surrender.

That might be hard to do when all you’ve ever known is that people hurt you and your life lesson might be that YOU are the only one you can count on.

To willingly put yourself in such a vulnerable position as to lift your hands in surrender is admitting your weakness; your need; your humanness.

But what if I told you that it’s not a sign of frailty but one of wisdom and courage?? What if I told you that even though it feels like a giant risk, it’s actually YOU choosing something bigger, greater, kinder and more loving for YOURSELF then you have ever experienced?

Your hands raised in the air, ASKING for help, BELIEVING that help will come and TRUSTING the One who can do anything-is a GIFT to yourself.

Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it.
Nothing is too difficult for Him.
He weeps with those who are broken-hearted.
He restores.
He rebuilds.
He revives. 

He heals.

He never lies.
He forgives.
He cares.
He loves.


I know it seems like NO ONE has ever kept their word. He does.

I know that it feels like NO ONE has loved you. He does.

I know that trusting once again and being disappointed could be the end of your heart altogether.

Don’t be afraid.

Raise your hands and surrender. Whatever it is. Whatever happened before, lift your hands to Jesus. Call on the name of Jesus. Trust Jesus.

Best gift you can give yourself.

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