A Stop, Drop and Roll Christmas

A Stop, Drop and Roll Christmas

Close your eyes. Can you see it? The snow is falling. The Christmas lights are twinkling. Your favorite Christmas music is playing. You have a cup of the best candy cane hot cocoa in your hands and there are tons of presents under your tree…perfectly wrapped. You are completely relaxed and all is right in the world.

So what’s wrong? Why can’t we get the warm and fuzzy feels?? Why does it feel UN-Christmas-sy?

I’ve talked to many people who are feeling less than ho-ho-ho and falalaaa. People that normally are over the top with Christmas cheer and some who actually believe that the true meaning of Christmas IS about a baby that came to change the world. Jesus.

And still…nothing. So again, what is the problem? Where is the hope? Where is the joy?

I can’t answer that for YOU. What I can tell you is that maybe you need to go back to the beginning. YOUR beginning. You came into this world with hopes and dreams. Then life happened. And now you find yourself in a place you NEVER dreamed you’d be.

When I came into the world, I imagine that I was a normal kid. I’m thinking I was very expressive! ha! I can’t remember early days but my first memories were not hopeful or joyful. My memories were filled with pain, fear and shame. I wonder what I dreamed for myself? I look at the picture above and think who was that girl? What did she hope for? Did she know how her life would be?

So, let’s just get real. I sometimes feel so alone…even though I have this AWESOME family that God has given me. It’s just part of my CRUD. When my focus is not on Jesus, I begin listening to and BELIEVING the lies that satan tries to shout at me. Things like, “Nobody truly loves you, Sonya.” Or “Rick is just a good guy so he stays with you because of obligation.” Or “Your kids could’ve had it so much better. Any mother would’ve been better than you!” Horrible, right?

Isn’t it interesting that satan has to SHOUT but all Jesus has to do is WHISPER and I KNOW it’s HIM talking to me? I love that.

I have and I will continue to deal with that CRUD, as it comes, so that I’m not a prisoner to the past. Let me say this as gently as I can. I choose to deal with my crud. Some of you are afraid to do that. And that could be the cause of your less than stellar excitement at Christmas time. That rotten, stinky, nasty, CRUD. Sometimes the CRUD happens TO us. Sometimes we have made the CHOICES that the CRUD comes from. Either way, IT MUST BE DEALT WITH.

A lot has happened since those days. Great things. Hard things, too. So whenever I’m feeling like I have lost my joy, I go back to the beginning. It’s that little thing I’ve heard someone say, “dealing with my crud”.

So, Christmas is NOT doing it for you this year?  Let’s DEAL WITH SOME CRUD. So how do we do that?


Stop what YOU are doing. GO BACK to Jesus.

Some of you might be thinking “Umm, Sonya…Jesus never leaves us.” Ah true. But we LEAVE Him. We lose our focus and we let other things become MORE important then Jesus in our lives. In fact, because of crud, we can become self-reliant and determined to do it ourselves in our own strength. And satan laughs in our face as we struggle more and more. STOP what you are doing and go right to Jesus. Go back to where YOU and HE began. Remember how He saved you. What He saved you from. How He changed your life. Go back to His word and His forgiveness.

It’s not about STUFF at Christmas – it’s about YOU and Jesus at Christmas.


Drop after drop after drop – DRINK some WATER!

What do I mean by that? Exactly what I said. If you are feeling lifeless…you’re probably thirsty. But instead of drinking water, we drink other things trying to quench our thirst. No matter what we try to drink, we’re always STILL thirsty. You can’t go very long with no water. You become dry and brittle. Jesus is the WATER that we drink. He is what we truly thirst for and is the ONLY thing that can quench our thirst. Quit trying to quench your thirst with things of this world. It’s a dead end. It will lead you to a dry, parched and lifeless existence. Instead drink the drops that can give you life, encouragement and restore your joy so that you can live a life that is immersed in faith and hope.

It’s not about STUFF at Christmas – it’s about YOU and Jesus at Christmas.


As in bread? As in tootsie? Nope. Roll as in – LET’S ROLL! Live! Love!

Some of you have stopped living. You’ve given up. You didn’t get the life you always wanted and now you’re giving up. You are stuck! And what’s worse…YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO BE STUCK!!! When I was little, I remember running to the top of the hill and then lying down in the grass and rolling as fast as I could down the hill. I loved that. Life is no different. You need to roll with it. When you roll something, it always comes around again. You don’t stay in the same place or in the same position. You KEEP MOVING!

I could have easily given up. I wanted to. I could’ve become EXACTLY what I was TOLD I would be – nothing, unlovable, dirty. I was treated like an animal and I could have blamed the world and God for my pain, but instead Jesus patiently and lovingly LOVED me through my crud and made me new. He taught me a new way to live, to think and to believe. And He’s NEVER stopped teaching me these things. I need the reminders. So do you!

If you find yourself disappointed, hurt, lifeless…this Christmas, YOU are the one that has the choice to change your situation.

Your heart, your attitude, your determination can all be conformed to God’s word and the life giving power of Jesus Christ.

If you were told you would be nothing…BE SOMETHING!

If you were abandoned by the person you loved the most…LOVE OTHERS with your WHOLE HEART and make sure that you STAY – even when it’s hard.

If you have made horrible choices and now find yourself in over your head and you don’t what to do, STOP what you’re doing and cry out to Jesus.

If you have been running away from your past, DEAL WITH YOUR CRUD!

If you need Jesus, give your life to Him. You CAN trust Him.

If you didn’t have the kind of life that YOU always wanted, make that life for yourself NOW! LIVE! ROLL, BABY! ROLL!

Jesus was the first to STOP, DROP and ROLL. He STOPPED what He was doing and came to the earth as a baby in a world that didn’t even WANT Him. Jesus STOPPED the penalty of sin and gave us a chance to live with Him forever by saving us if we would only accept His gift of forgiveness and believe in Him. God DROPPED His Son right into this world as a little baby, knowing that Jesus would go to the cross and die for us. And once Jesus took that sin upon Himself the stone was ROLLED away and that STOPPED DEATH – FOREVER!

“For God SO loved the world that He GAVE His one and only Son, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall NOT perish but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

Christmas isn’t about STUFF. It’s about Jesus and YOU! So where are YOU at with Jesus? Do you know?

I don’t know where this Christmas Eve finds you, but I do know that what you see now is NOT all there is. There is MORE. If you will have the courage to deal with your crud, to forgive and to trust Jesus Christ, you can do ANYTHING!

Merry Christmas and Happy CRUD DEALING!

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  • Traci
    Posted at 12:00h, 28 December Reply

    Thanks Sonya! I’ve been learning to deal with clinical depression for the last couple of years. I’m on a medication that’s working well. However, I have REALLY struggled this Christmas season. Thanks for giving me encouragement & a new perspective.

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